Chapter 5

I Couldn’t Believe it Trying to fight with that vampire would have been the most foolish thing to do at that time, we preferred to run away as soon as we could to save our life from that dreadful creature. Feeling a little secure I screamed “what was that?” The lady explained– “Demodous Vampire Bats,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4

The Unknown Company The castle was full of surprises with countless doors each walls having ancient designs showing the aristocracy of the owner. They were all well grained material capable of receiving a polish being made ornamental as well as useful. But the hurry gave me no time to admire its beauty. I couldn't make... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3

Finally found it Successfully I covered all the pending works and attended meetings for which I was in Hamburg. Usually I'm not so fast in my works but this time I was a little excited. From my childhood I had developed a habit of reading story books, not only in free time but almost every... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2

What was that ?? The diary didn’t had the name of the owner, neither the name of the printing house. The binding and the design of the diary suggests that it was made according to the owners own demand, that too for writing notes only because that type of diaries were not in use before... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1

The Train Arrives It was almost dusk when I reached the station to get my train on time. I am Robin Patel, Marketing Manager of Mason Sales and Corp, a proud man specially for never being late for any occasion. I have been involved in the marketing business for over six years, and have developed... Continue Reading →

The Beginning

It’s the year 1995, Mr Robin Patel is on a trip to Hamburg for business purposes. On his journey he gets an unknown diary which takes him on a mysterious journey to a castle which has caused hundreds of deaths in the past and has been reported to be resided by supernatural powers. 

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