How can we define us as a “being”

The term “Being ” is a present participle of the verb ‘to be ‘ means existing. It has come to be used as a noun and we designate it to only whatever we conceive as actually existing.
The notion of being, spontaneously reached by the human mind, is found on reflection to be the simplest of all notions, defying every attempt at analysis into simpler notions. It is involved in every other concept which we form of any object of thought whatsoever. Without it we could have no concept of anything. It is thus the first of all notions in the logical order, i.e. in the process of rational thought. 

It is also the first of all notions in the chronological order, the first which the human mind forms in the order of time. Not, of course, that we remember having formed it before any other more determinate notions. 
But the child’s awakening intellectual activity must have proceeded from the simplest, easiest, most superficial of all concepts, to fuller, clearer, and more determinate concepts, i.e. from the vague and confused notion of “being” or “thing” to notions of definite modes of being, or kinds of thing. 
This direct notion of being is likewise the most indeterminate of all notions; though not of course entirely indeterminate.
An object of thought, to be conceivable or intelligible at all by our finite minds, must be rendered definite in some manner and degree; and even this widest notion of “being” is rendered intelligible only by being conceived as positive and as contrasting with absolute non-being or nothingness.

How I chose this topic may not be our matter of concern, but to answer if asked is chiefly to have seen people corrode and lose themselves to the practical thinking of being human.
For centuries it has remained the conspiracy of silence and now i wonder if I’ve recenty failed to answer the question that preoccupies us or they can’t be answered at all.


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