Change, the human nature

So, it’s like being on the doorway of my journey through metaphysics and discussing the primitive issues of life. It’s like me being at the end of a castle shouting aloud hoping to get a response from you or my own voice echoing back to me. 

Through careful consideration, I have most unexpectedly developed the first basic element that was quite essential for human.
Change has been human nature since its existence, but to discuss about the primitive motive of the beginning, scientific adaptation could be the reason. What’s worth is to discuss through which way human are going to get their destination, pre-written for them by the Lord of Faith.

 Qualitative change is wider than material change, for it includes changes in spiritual beings, i.e. in beings which are outside the category of quantity and have a mode of existence altogether different from the extensional, spatial existence which characterizes matter. When, for instance, the human mind acquires knowledge, it undergoes qualitative change.

But matter, too, has qualities, and is subject to qualitative change. It is endowed with active qualities, i.e. with powers, forces, energies, whereby it cannot merely perform mechanical work by producing local changes in the distribution of its mass throughout space, but also produce physical and chemical changes which seem at least to be different in their nature from mere mechanical changes.

The common belief of men has always been that even in this domain of reality there are fundamentally different kinds of matter, kinds which differ from one another not merely in the shape and size and configuration and arrangement of their ultimate actual constituents, but even in the very substance or nature of these constituents; and that there are some material changes which affect the actual substance itself of the matter which undergoes them.

 It may be noted, finally, that the distinction between immanent and transitive activity is also applied to change–that is, to change considered as a process, not to the result of the change, but to pursue a destination, though no one can doubt the eternal cycle of life, philosophically never going to end. 
I find it a challenge which continues to stimulate and so the conversation, futile though it may be, continues….


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