I’m not that much into gaming and stuff, but can’t resisit the mysterious ones you know. So here’s one of the oldest game I own.
Lets go through the plot real quick:-

 The protagonist, James Patterson, is travelling in Transylvania after losing in the Olympic fencing event being held in Sweden. James is on his way to the wedding of his sister, Rebecca, at Castle Malachi, where she is to be wed to the son of the wealthy Romanian Count. The Pattersons are a poor, but proud, aristocratic family of the British nobility.

When James arrives at the castle, something seems wrong, after entering the castle, he finds Father Aville, a friend of the Pattersons, and he tells James that his future brother-in-law is a vampire, his family members are being held prisoner, and the Count has intentions to use Rebecca as a virgin sacrifice to release Lord Malachi. Father Aville has several volumes of an “Encyclopedia of the Undead”, that James can optionally collect throughout the game. James must fight his way through hellish demons and vampires that guard his friends and family as quick as he can.

But why am I telling you this? Well this isn’t really all of it, absolutely nothing of it. Once you put your headphones on, you are going to delve deep in the horror environment of the castles, specially that of shattering glasses, screaming vampires, and crying relatives(of the game ofcourse). Speakers are ok too but you might have to calm down the neighbour’s kid, its a horror game for gods sake.

Now about the gameplay: The player’s starting weapons are his fists and a trusty cane sword , though firearms and other weapons become available later in the game. The objective of the game is to search the castle and save members of the protagonist’s family within a one and a half hour time limit. These relatives will die if not rescued soon enough so the player has to hurry. 
The castle’s interiors are randomly generated at the beginning of a new game. And thats why you can play it even after finishing the story once, its always gonna be a new castle for you, and the monsters won’t be waiting for you at the same places.
Last but not the least point:the ending. Boss fight is pretty toigh and the right weapon choosing is necessary. You might feel like screaming occasionally but that feeling is common. And the plot isn’t going to end like a regular game, you wont get to save Rebecca. Thats no spoiler, its a 2003 game. 
I found it nice  to play. Would remain one of my favourites in the mysterious genre.

Have you played it? Comment if you want to, its an old game so no one really cares.


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