The Beginning

It’s the year 1995, Mr Robin Patel is on a trip to Hamburg for business purposes. On his journey he gets an unknown diary which takes him on a mysterious journey to a castle which has caused hundreds of deaths in the past and has been reported to be resided by supernatural powers. On his way he finds an inquisitive lady who is putting her life in risk just to solve this mystery.
On their arrival to the vampires’ castle Mr Patel gets to know more about the vampires, so much that he begins to question his disbelief. The lady sticks to her belief for the murders to be due to human sacrifices in the name of supernatural powers. Now will they die for their adventure seeking nature or will find out the reason hidden behind all those mysterious deaths.
The story describes the control of the superstitious mind over the self-controlled conscious brain. It will take you on a mysterious adventure to the land of vampires’.


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