I wasn’t capable of walking anymore, with the help of the marked trees luckily found, we reached out to marshal, he was the one who should be credited to save our lives. Marshal took us to the hospital, it took us months to recover from our injuries. Meanwhile police discovered all about the smuggling fact and discovered the source of the business, and all who were connected.

As we were still not recovered when the prizes were to be given to us by the government, the lady recommended to hide our participation in the event and let all credits to be taken by Marshal, though she didn’t let the amount slip by. She insisted about keeping our identity a secret in this incident. The day she recovered, she went away, without informing anyone of us.

Months passed, I again started doing my job, with those regularities which I refer to be perfect, though I consider this incident to be an important part of my life. Still I have one mystery left about the lady’s name, never mind, I could never get it too.
Hope to meet her again, and have it again in life…..a mysterious adventure.


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