Chapter 8

Is This The End ?

It was the first time in my whole life when I saw 100’s of dead bodies together.

Everyone present there was busy, people sealing and unsealing bodies, sealing and unsealing packets, and filling them with white powder. Yes, it was drugs. 1000’s of kilos of drugs, worth of billions, in the safest place of the world where no one will ever bother to get them cuffed. The easiest way for them to smuggle.

A simultaneous feeling of excitement and tension was bothering me, what am I supposed to do now?
Science has said the right thing, blood pressure goes high to get people more alert in time of danger, but doesn’t allows to think!! I concluded to get away, find a safe exit and get the police over here, the safest thing to do now.

Suddenly everyone stopped again, I experienced the fear of silence once, so was not enough to shock me again, I turned back to see what happening, But what I saw really shocked me this time.
The lady got into the room suddenly that’s what surprised them, in less than a seconds 3 people moved forward to capture her and as usual, cuffed her in another second. Distant female screams slashed through the castle walls, into my mind, a tortured soul called. It tangled itself in my thought woven web. But my mind was too weakened its strength started to ebb. As the threads started to break, a voice echoed inside.

A humid warmth touched my face, the touch felt as if it was well known, beyond words. Felt as if it’s saying to fight, or lose someone, who won’t see another sunrise. Decided inside to go. Death is the ultimate destination of all living organisms, what’s the value of one who haven’t save the life of another??
It was the time for the confrontation, I couldn’t die before killing each one of them and saving an innocent, a fire burned inside me, lighted by my soul. I was alone with these devils, all of them came towards me just like wind and crouched me with their nails, ripped up my skin. I started running around the hall, to break the bondages of the lady, and to find their weaknesses. My deductions really helped. The boss had the men working here in the dark and never be out to the sunlight, light can be their weakness.
I kept on running through the corners and breaking the glass roofs, allowing more of the sunlight to enter the chamber. Now as they were partially blind, I grabbed a long knife which they were using to cut the dead bodies and attacked them with the greatest force, scratching 4-5 of them at one time, their blood was all over me but I had to do these. The lady was busy on the other side breaking bones.
Then came the monstrous beast, the 7 feet high man, probably their boss, running towards me. I was enough confident of myself, holding the knife tightly, stroked him with great force, but it turned out to be useless. I made him fiercer. He threw me away towards the wall of the chamber which teared the skin of my back. My clothes caught fire from the burning sticks in their hands, so I took them off to save myself from burning.
In few seconds the whole place caught fire, the boss screamed at them to water the place, the lady screamed at me to escape, but the boss decided to kill us first before saving the place. I was covered with perspiration, had no energy to run anymore, but needed to save my life.
A great pillar near the entrance was falling down as we were running towards it, and managed to get out at time. The pillar blocked the entrance, blocking the boss from coming towards us.
We ran for another few minutes and sitting on a safe position watched the whole castle burn down. Both of us were severely injured, but was sure that we will make it.
The Castle, which was considered haunted for over a century was burning down in front of us, and we were the one who did it, and were now watching it with our lives on the verge of death.


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