Chapter 7

Science of Deduction
Though it looked silly, but I didn’t considered it a waste of time. I created patterns out of the diary incidents.

Everyone has seen a skeleton at the entrance including me. The same skeleton is impossible to be at the same place for all these years. As the presence of a human had already been confirmed, it became easy to deduce that someone wanted the place to look haunted.

Everyone ever been here describes castles to have clean and shiny inscriptions and probably ghost wouldn’t bother to clean those regularly.

One man can’t keep the walls clean alone, showing the possibility of there being a group of several persons including a boss who wants the inside of the castle to be clean.

“As we had already been to the east and west wings, we should get to the main castle.” said I.
“So you concluded it from your deductions?” she shouted with sarcasm.

I lost my temper and made an instantaneous decision to get away and I did. The sky was geting bright with light as the sun was rising in its usual routine,somewhere in deep, I was missing my daily routine, my life. She decided to go through the bright path. Leaving her alone to her path, I configured that the men who were successful to keep their existence as a secret were also aware of the presence of us. It’s better to stab them from the back rather than showing them courage. Definitely they were no small gang.

Moving through a tunnel which led me to a vast hall surrounded by glass window. I stopped to listen to a distant shatter of bone hitting grime and crude tools used meticulously through time, as the sound faded away, I realised to have lost a moment of my life.

As I was searching for an entrance to the place from where the sound was coming, the sound suddenly stopped, now being secured and detected, I lost the hope for escape. I looked for the moon which was more indolently sleeping that night, thought nothing except god, and life after death , I felt like being a somnabulo, just going to wake up to know the supreme mystery of life.

But in a moment something happened, I felt two people standing just above the tunnel. They stood there for a second and then went away and stopped at a little distance, possibly wanted me to make some noise and get caught, few seconds later, their suspicions cleared up to be hallucinations which they believed it to be, and they went away. Luckily I was alert enough to listen to their footsteps.

After a little distance, I found a route to get out of the tunnel and found two rows of stairs going to the same place, the hall. As I stood up to have a view of the place, I was able to see what was happening all around.


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