Chapter 6

Someone is Here

As the struggle continued, the man punched me on my face, the lady just managed to break his legs and throw him to the ground.
Yes, there was a man, who saw us while we found a big hall near the western wing, he followed us , terrible things happened and he was lying ahead of us with boneless legs.

The lady understood the condition of my mind, she started to speak for the first time without a smile.

“I am a treasure hunter , have never found any but consider myself to be one. Learned about the place and decided to find out whats going on. But I cant believe how a man like you can believe this place to be haunted??”

“What do you mean??”

“Its as clear as crystal that something illegall is happening here, no one has ever bothered to find out.I thought you are one mysterious adventurer trying to hide your identity to me and find out about the place, but no you are just an ordinary citizen”

“I never asked you to be with me.”

“Then shut up.”

Getting out of that place I was out of my wits. The fall and struggle made me so much insecure that I lost my hope of life. I wanted life to be a millpond rather than the torrent which it is, a homely affair of tea cups rather than a dangerous expedition. I couldn’t bear that appalling palpitation.

“Then suddenly I recalled the diary. What if we can find some pattern in the murders?” , I asked her.
“Do whatever brain work you need to, don’t bother me” she answered.


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