Chapter 5

I Couldn’t Believe it

Trying to fight with that vampire would have been the most foolish thing to do at that time, we preferred to run away as soon as we could to save our life from that dreadful creature. Feeling a little secure I screamed “what was that?”

The lady explained– “Demodous Vampire Bats, they have teeth with razor sharp incisors which penetrate their prey, rather than to suck the blood however, they allow the blood to flow and lap it up with their tongue. They have got an anti-coagulant substance in their saliva which keeps the blood of their victim flowing during feeding.”

Stark terror seized me, I was in no mood to learn any more of them

“Do you know what a vampire is??”

“I don’t want to know.”

“Vampires are creatures of the night and during the day they enter a coma like sleep, usually posses some supernatural attributes.”

All these made me frighten out of wits. I knew she was trying to make fun of me but I couldn’t control my fright. At this very moment, the sound of a cricket struck more terror in me than the roaring of a lion. There is nothing so inconsiderable which may not appear dreadful to an imagination that is full with premonitions.

Through gloomy passages she bought me to a room with little crosses and inscriptions, several of which were now luminous only in part. As soon as I entered the room, I prostrated myself on the ground and uttered many prayers and incantations.
She looked at me, probably trying to hide her laugh and said “According to the myth, Ancient Vampire lord Malachi was fettered to a tomb within the heart of the castle building 100’s of years ago at the end of the crimson war. It was constructed by the enemies to capture him eternally. He is now biding his time, waiting to be resurrected and brought back to his former powers. Well you must be feeling safe, those bloody vampires don’t usually hover around crosses.

Sarcasm was filled in each of the words she uttered, as if she doesn’t cares for her life.
To every human mystery appeals, and the mystery of the final episode of the diary was still a dark secret for me. I had the very quint essence of mystery. So with this hope, I arrived for the search of other exit routes.


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