Chapter 4

The Unknown Company
The castle was full of surprises with countless doors each walls having ancient designs showing the aristocracy of the owner. They were all well grained material capable of receiving a polish being made ornamental as well as useful. But the hurry gave me no time to admire its beauty.

I couldn’t make a head or tail of that but was trying to recall the name Malachi which the diary mentioned to be an evil spirit in which the word devil having some special role in its description, which could unleash darkness on the world and have humanity succumb to the power of the undead. At this very moment a frightening creature obstructed my way, a vampire bat probably.

Running out of my wits I shouted that I was going to die. “Truth is sometimes a hound which must be kept in its kennel “shouted someone from a little distance away”. Gaining a little confidence over myself I moved ahead and calmed down seeing a fellow human being. I saw a lady of about my age with the clothing of a wild geographer. Before I could speak a word she resumed “it looks someone is on an adventure too…”.By her accent I guessed she was French I found the lady to be mysterious. With practically no idea what to do next, I decided to get out of the place as soon as I can

The lady had maps, equipments, small weapons which made me curious and afraid of her at the same time. Who was she? What was she doing over here? I was accompanying her to somewhere she was going I don’t know. I had no reason to go behind her but I was still going coz I was directionless. Too many questions were going over my mind…was she the one who killed the man outside whose skeleton I found does she intends to kill me, I should have told Marshal about my coming here. I was still following her helplessly.

All of a sudden she shouted” This one is a booby trap, be careful”. Crossing the bounds of my internal terror I asked her” who are you? What do you want me to do? Why are we here?”
She replied “seems one unwanted guest is here…why did you came?”

“Lost over here, needed shelter from rain”

“You have chosen the wrong shelter”

“Where am I?”

“On the verge of death”.


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