Chapter 3

Finally found it

Successfully I covered all the pending works and attended meetings for which I was in Hamburg. Usually I’m not so fast in my works but this time I was a little excited. From my childhood I had developed a habit of reading story books, not only in free time but almost every time. The time my friends used to spend playing with each other or riding a seesaw, I was seen reading story books. I never looked back again to seek adventure in story books.

Somehow I managed to get four free days in my trip, friends suggested to take a tour of the beautiful city of Hamburg but a different plan was going over my mind. I tried to contact one of my traveler friend Marshal who has travelled almost all the extremes of planet earth and was currently living in Hamburg City. So I got up to arrange for the things.

I had developed a thirst that was going to make me wish to drink the sea dry. My mind was disordered miscellany. Without any wastage of time, we set out.

All day long I couldn’t understand why Marshal was no going to take rest before reaching the castle, of which we were only having the approximate longitude and latitude. Hours passed away but we couldn’t find out the castle we were searching for. Both feeling dog tired, the feeling of visiting a nice forest was suppressed by the failure of not finding the castle. After the dinner, we covered ourselves with mosquito nets and were trying to sleep, but my mind was restless. I couldn’t sleep the night away, I wasn’t going to do that.

Leaving my friend alone, I was in search for some other treasures which may have remained hidden, just to satisfy my curiosity. After a little time walking directionless, I decided to get back but I lost my marked trees, which was enough to prove that I was lost.

For hours I was searching for the correct direction but remained unsuccessful. Around this time I forgot all about the book and started quivering due to the icy breeze and thunderstorms indicating upcoming rain. While looking for a shelter, like a mirage conjured by a fevered mind, entered an old stone laid courtyard fronting a huge ancient castle.
Without having any further thoughts I ran towards it to have a roof over my head. As I entered the avenue, the sky became suddenly overcast with clouds , a curious stillness suddenly overcast with clouds, a great flight of rooks passed silently over my head, and before I could reach the gate, some big drops of rain had fallen.

I found a skeleton of a human near the gate, the way it was lying made me to suspect that it was thrown away from the castle but for my satisfaction I searched and found the absence of any living being in the castle except some occasional bats. The bones were very much decayed, and many of them crumbled to dust upon exposure to air.


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