Chapter 2

What was that ??

The diary didn’t had the name of the owner, neither the name of the printing house. The binding and the design of the diary suggests that it was made according to the owners own demand, that too for writing notes only because that type of diaries were not in use before the 40’s. The condition suggests that it was very old, probably made in the 30’s, and at least before my birth and my age is not too much.

The first incident describes about poor but proud aristocratic family of British novelty which along with some of the closest friends reached the palace of a wealthy German count. Family’s eldest daughter was to marry the count’s son, bonding their family with the rich German culture.

It was a mighty evening when they came directly from Stockholm , alone and surprised to find themselves alone in the castle of the count, at this time they spotted blood marks at the entrance which was enough to frighten them, along with the icy wind made them cry with the greatest agitation. In no time the servant of the family was breathing his last breath who was considered to be attacked by supernatural powers.

Leaving the servant’s lifeless body they decided to run away to save their life while a little girl discovered that their family dog was missing and turned back towards the castle to get her dog back but never returned. Her dead body was found inside the jungle with several wounds on her neck but neither the dog nor the castle was found.

The second incident amused me a little more. After several years when the colonisers hired men for cutting down the forest and nearby area, the wood cutters were reported dead, other hired men fled away. Two of the dead bodies were found, one in an awkward position as if the man was shocked by a certain glimpse and died keeping his eyes open. The other one was found a little away probably the person tried to run away but couldn’t escape death. Both the bodies had the same kind of wounds on their neck as of the girls in the first case.

All of them were definitely killed by someone but according to the notes, the case was dismissed at that time.

For a fast grip over the cases , I just noticed the beginning lines but felt very depressed for the people who’d had parents and children and friends and pets and jobs and plans and hopes and memories and futures……..

I found the last case to be the strangest, the diary owner himself tried to find the castle which has been described to be somewhere in the huge forest, but still unknown to all. He claims to have seen a Romanian varacolaci which describes to be a beautiful pale skinned human.

The handwriting of the writer was distorted which made it very difficult for me to read, the later pages were torn. This made me curious to know the later incidents…”what could have happened to the man??….did he died? Or did he find out the real cause??…What could have happened??”

But I had no solution to my curiosity. I just considered it to be the end of the series of the events. I don’t know why, though my reasoning of the incidents were correct, my curiosity for the case doesn’t ends here.


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