Decreasing forest areas

​As you know about the common notion, a typical mystery fiction starts in a forest. To make my stories more relatable I prefer real locations, real scenarios, but while looking for one today I noticed the real perish that's happening. We are all short sighted and very often see only one side of a matter; … Continue reading Decreasing forest areas


How to define ourselves

​The term "Being " is a present participle of the verb 'to be ' means existing. It has come to be used as a noun and we designate it to only whatever we conceive as actually existing. The notion of being, spontaneously reached by the human mind, is found on reflection to be the simplest … Continue reading How to define ourselves

Slenderman kills

The victim was able to crawl from the woods, where she had been left, to reach a roadside. A passing cyclist intervened, and the victim survived the attack. Both female attackers have been diagnosed with mental illnesses but have also been charged as adults and are each facing up to 65 years in prison. One of the girls reportedly said Slender Man watches her, can read minds, and could teleport.