“what does the dog thinks?”

To celebrate the new year with a firm resolution, Gwen decided it’s time to start jogging. While the idea of a typical jogger look was quite promising, she didn’t feel comfortable crossing the street with her ears shut by headphones. “The blogs were wrong!”, she thought, “running isn’t hard”, if anything she was feeling a mildly exhilarated. It became a bit tiresome in a few days but not too much to complain about. What bothered her was curiosity. She had often read about people thinking about what their dogs think about. Some even wrote about it all personified. “What does … Continue reading “what does the dog thinks?”

How I make notes

This text here is a record of how I make notes at the moment. I figured out the best way a couple days ago but forgot to note it down and so we have this makeshift piece of tech now. This is not an essay, its not supposed to be one. . 1. For anything that can also be categorized into the nonfiction genre – ​* First read – just jump into it – skip lines – make sticky notes on wall or somewhere… Memorise the index afterwards – the index in your head is like a hallway to all … Continue reading How I make notes

The blogging dilemma

​Having an corporate medium to express my writing endeavours was quite a brilliant oppurtunity however the sheer brilliance of my colleagues and the lack of competency on my part had sort of got me into relying on an individual blogging career, although team work is kind of my thing. How my journey has been ? – I don’t know it’s too soon to tell. The question of having an online journal has striked me too. The implications of writing your thoughts and throwing them out in the public is an endearing strata of restriction that even a speech doesn’t suffice. … Continue reading The blogging dilemma

I don’t believe what’s on TV

This was my submission for an opinion article. In recent years, TV music shows have burst onto our screens with a vengeance. With most of them showing ordinary members of the public competing for a large monetary prize, they are only increasing in popularity, but the question that often lies hidden: Is the use of ‘talented’ members of the public to produce hugely profitable programmes really a good thing ? Is it even real art? From the beginning of the music industry, success was finally ‘making it’ after a long, dedicated struggle. It meant to start from the bottom and … Continue reading I don’t believe what’s on TV

Writing and Understanding

While going over the fiction piece that started the blog the thoughts of having been misunderstood clogged my mind. To present a story hidden within a story, I guess I should have mentioned it in the introduction and told everyone what to look for. From what I could gather from my friends, they saw only part and they learned only in part. I had shown them the road and they had followed my advice. Nice. But I guess not putting up an introduction post would have been better. But I did and I introduced my story as a castle adventure … Continue reading Writing and Understanding

Haridwar Tour Part 2

1:30 pm The room is nice, expectations were pretty low though, but this was pleasing. Once we were out of the room, I pretty much walked like a shadow to my friends as I didn’t wanted to get lost like that one time ( I guess I have too many stories to tell ). 2:30 pm I was clicking pictures with my phone, the camera stopped working, haven’t worked yet. And thus I have no proper pictures to share from the trip, unless you want to see pictures of the train. I always wonder about the necessity and the obstruction … Continue reading Haridwar Tour Part 2

Haridwar Tour Part 1

5:30 am Waking up is not a hard thing when you are excited about the day. Its a thing I’ve always noticed, excitement exponentially raises the energy for waking up, otherwise its a series of figuritive false awakenings again and again, or if I have to be less fictional, its just a battle with the snooze button. Lethargy gets the hold of you. Not for me though. 7:30 am I’m on the train,the rain is making me feel sleepy , not a fun fact , rather well known, this train has no sleepers, don’t need any just 7:20 to 11:30 … Continue reading Haridwar Tour Part 1